October 04

Town Fiesta

The City Government of General Trias Town Fiesta is a highly anticipated season of festivities for GenTriseños and visitors alike which is held in honor of the city's Patron Saint, St. Francis of Assisi, otherwise known as “Tata Kiko”. The celebration consists of grand parades, processions, concerts, and various activities such as a pet blessing or "pabialahay", which honors Tata Kiko's love for animals being the Patron Saint of Animals and Ecology. The exact date of the Town Fiesta is on October 4 of each year but the activities and programs usually begin prior to this date including preparations.

December 13

Valenciana Festival

This festival stands as a remarkable local celebration that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and history of General Trias. It is usually celebrated through two main events: The Valenciana Cooking Festival and the Valenciana Festival Street Dance and Field Presentation. The cooking competition is a way for the 33 barangays to showcase our city’s renowned culinary masterpiece, “Valenciana”, a paella-like rice dish that symbolizes our culinary traditions, and the Street Dance and Field Presentation Competition exhibits the vibrant spirit of our culture and talent of various schools in the city as they fill the streets with colorful costumes and energetic dances. The celebration is usually held from December 11-13, in line with the annual Cityhood & Founding Anniversary.