2. The Social Welfare and Development Office is mandated by the law to facilitate the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, elderly, women, youth, juvenile delinquents and prisoners, identify their needs and if necessary provide assistance to them. The MSWD was able to facilitate various national and provincial projects such as:

    1.     Supplemental Feeding Program for children
    2.     Emergency shelter assistance
    3.     Construction of new day care system
    4.     Self-employment assistance
    5.     Organized persons with disability into association
    6.     Strict implementation of laws covering VAWC and CICL cases

  3.       HEALTH CARE (RHU)

  4. The Rural Health Unit (RHU) is responsible for formulating policies, programs and plans that would promote the health of the people in the community. Their services are as follows:

    1.     Conducts Ante Partum Check-ups
    2.     Provide children with full immunization
    3.     Give Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)
    4.     Provide Tetanus Toxoid and Iron Supplements
    5.     Assists to patients who are giving birth
    6.     Manage and treat pneumonia and tuberculosis cases
    7.     Public information campaign against various diseases


    1.     PNP

      The Philippine National Police (PNP) is mainly responsible for in maintaining the peace, order and safety of the community. Special laws/local ordinances and campaign against criminality were also enforced. They are as follows:
      1.     Loose Fire Arms (Oplan Paglalansag Omega
      2.     Illegal Drugs (Oplan Banat)
      3.     Wanted Persons (Oplan Manhunt Bravo)
      4.     Illegal Gambling (Oplan Roulette)

    2.     BFP

      The Bureau of Fire Protection is the Local Government Unit’s implementing arm with regards to fire and safety. Aside from responding to emergencies and suppressing destructive fire, the BFP also provide some basic services such as:
      1.     Conduction of Earthquake and Fire Drills in schools, government offices and private institutions.
      2.     Promote fire prevention measures through relentless campaigns on fire safety.

    3.     BJMP

      The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) play an important role in the local criminal justice system. The BJMP through the support of the Office of the Mayor were able to promote and implement effective and humane safekeeping procedures as well as develop programs that helped improved the inmates living condition.
    4.     MDCC

      The Municipal Disaster Coordination Council is a team that was organized to respond to calls of emergency within the municipality. The MDCC has medically inclined staff and is equipped with trainings on disaster management and risk reduction. Other services include:
      1.     Transport patients to nearby hospital.
      2.     Provide first aid station in major events of the municipality
      3.     Provide assistance to the Rural Health Unit
      4.     Provide assistance to Bureau of Fire Protection
      5.     Conducts 24-hour typhoon monitoring
      6.     Provide assistance to neighboring municipalities if necessary.

    5.     GSO – Ambulance Service

      The Ambulance Service under the General Service Office (GSO) provides the much needed service of transporting patients to hospitals. This service is on call 24/7 at this number (0923) 454-3542.


  7. The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) is responsible for the implementation of various environmental projects that would minimize air, land and water pollution. To further promote environmental causes, MENRO also conduct seminars, dialogues and clean up drives with the help of volunteers.



    1.     WOMEN

      In order to promote and protect women’s and children’s rights and welfare, the Women’s Development Council was formed. Its primary services include:
      1.     Annual Free Pap smear Service
      2.     Livelihood Training Programs
      3.     Health Programs
      4.     Annual Women’s Month Celebration
      5.     Regular clean-up drive of various barangays
      6.     Assists the MSWD in the feeding programs and monitoring of VAWC cases


      From 17 chapters in 2001, this organization grew to 47 chapters. Services to our beloved Senior Citizens include:
      1.     Burial and Medical Assistance
      2.     Free Dental Check-ups
      3.     Medical Missions
      4.     Projects that would promote the welfare, health and well-being of the elderly through weekly calisthenics, exposure trips, senior citizens week celebration and out-of-town tours

    3.     YOUTH

      The Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines (PYAP) is designed to empower the out-of-school youth to learn skills necessary to make academic, social, spiritual and emotional progress towards self-sufficiency and become productive citizens in the community. This organization also assists in the following:
      1.     Sports Development
      2.     On-the-Job Training
      3.     Values Formation

    4.     URBAN POOR

  10.       EDUCATION

    1.     SCHOOL BOARD

      The Computer Clubhouse is place where young people can enjoy exploring their own interest in computer technology with the aid of mentors for free. Their services also include:

      1.     Offers alternative or non-formal approach in computer learning./li>
      2.     Provides members with opportunities to grow as individuals.
      3.     Facilitate workshops, seminars, group activities, exposure trips and community activism
      4.    Offers members to work on projects from robotics to programming, photo to video editing, desktop lay-outing to publishing, drawing to animation and architecture to engineering.

    3.     LIBRARY

      The main function of the Municipal Public Library is to provide printed and non-printed materials that would meet the needs of its constituency for information education, self-realization, recreation and cultural growth.

      It is designed to facilitate and cater to people of all ages who have the desire to further their knowledge on different matters. It is also their task to instill, to nurture and to encourage the public the importance and joy of reading and learning.

      Other services being rendered are as follows:

      1.    Organizing materials through catalog, classification and shelf arrangement for easy access and convenience.
      2.     Accomplishing library membership form and identification card.
      3.     Implementing lending procedures that make possible the use of materials at a time and place convenient to the borrower.
      4.     Posting of rules and regulations of the library for easy understanding of clients/patrons.
      5.     Guides the user in finding the materials needed through the use of library resources.


    1.     ENGINEERING

      Municipal Engineering Office:
      •     Initiate and review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works in general of the local government unit concerned.
      •     Advise the mayor, as the case maybe, on infrastructures, public works and other engineering matters.
      •     Administer, coordinate, supervise and control the constructions, maintenance, improvement and repair roads, bridges and other engineering and public works projects of the local government unit concerned.
      •     Provide Engineering services to the local government unit concerned including investigation and survey, engineering designs, feasibility studies and project management.


      1.     To exercise technical supervisions over all engineering offices of component cities and municipalities.
      2.     Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as maybe prescribe by law or ordinance.

    2.     MPDC

      Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator:
      1.     Functional statement
        1.     To integrate and coordinate all sectoral plan and studies undertaken by various agencies.
        2.     To prepare the municipal comprehensive plan of development.
        3.     To conduct continuing studies, resources and training.
        4.     To monitor and implement the different development programs, projects and activities of the municipality.

      2.     OBJECTIVES
        1.     To exercise general control and supervision of the development planning.
        2.     To formulate and integrated economic, social, physical and other development objectives and policies.

  12.       FINANCE

    1.     TREASURY
    2. Functions:

      •     To exercise general supervision over the treasury personnel.
      •      To make direct contact and personal approach to taxpayers.


      1.     To provide control and management over the financial matters, including disbursements and collections.
      2.     To coordinate with other local agencies.


      The Municipal Assessor’s Office is the one in-charge of real property assessment. It must ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed.

      Apart from this, there are other services being rendered by this office and they are as follows:

      1.     Assessment of newly declared improvements such as houses, buildings, structures, machinery complexes.
      2.     Reassessed improvements of houses, buildings and structures which have been repaired or renovated.
      3.     Assessment of newly declared land parcels.
      4.     Reclassified agricultural land for residential, commercial or industrial purposes.
      5.     Assessment of ten (10) years back taxes.
      6.     Ocular inspection conducted on land parcels and productive improvements.
      7.     Issuance of Tax Declarations (Blue)
      8.     Cancellation of Tax Declaration (Red)
      9.     Transfer of Tax
      10.     Issuance of Notice of Cancellation of Assessment for dual or multiple assessment except those properly made.
      11.     Notice of Cancellation of Assessment for demolished and/or no longer existing real property units.
      12.     Certified true/xerox copy of Certification of Real Property ownership
      13.     Issuance of Certificate of total agricultural landholdings/ non agricultural land holding.
      14.     Issuance of Certification of Non-Improvement
      15.     Annotation of liens and other real estate annotations on original copy of tax declarations.
      16.     Annotations of Mortgage on original copy of tax declarations.
      17.     Cancellation of Mortgage

    4.     ACCOUNTING
    5. Office of the Municipal Accountant:

      1.     Checks the completeness of supporting papers for disbursements.
      2.     Prepares and certifies disbursement vouchers.
      3.     Approves advice of check disbursements.
      4.     Reviews and journalize payroll.
      5.     Prepares pay Slip.
      6.     Encode collection, cash, check disbursements to Computerized System.
      7.     Prepares VAT Remittance
      8.     Prepares monthly alpha list of tax payers
      9.     Issues certificate of creditable tax withheld
      10.     Prepares property depreciation
      11.     Prepares Financial Report

    6.     BUDGET
    7. Office of the Municipal Budget Officer:

      1.     Prepare orders, circulars and instructions on barangay matters.
      2.     Assists the Local Chief Executive during budget hearing.
      3.     Evaluate allotment and prepare corresponding recommendation.
      4.     Assist the Local Chief Executive on financial matters of the municipality.
      5.     Submit periodic reports agency concern.


      1.     To exercise general supervision and control over the Budget Office.
      2.     To review and consolidate the budget estimate of the different offices re-classification.
      3.     To review all barangay budget.
      4.     To study and evaluate budgetary implications of the proposed legislation submit recommendation thereof.

    8.     BIR


    1.     BPLO

      Individuals or corporations who establish, operate, conduct or maintain their respective business within the municipality are subject for Business Permit. It is now the function of the office to facilitate the process in the application and issuance of business permits as well as the assessment of its corresponding taxes and fees.
    3.     MEEIPO
    4.     TOURISM

      Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office
    5. – A division of the Office of the Mayor which handles tourism, cultural affairs and special events.
      – Its main function is to improve tourism development and cultural awareness within the municipality of General Trias.
      – This office also handles special events that would promote the internal and external tourism activities of the municipality and its community.
      – To take part on the development of tourism industry by making it a destination for local and foreign tourist that would give additional job and income for the municipality and its people.

    6.     MCDC (Coop Development)
    7. Municipal Coop Development Unit:

      1.     Assist in the promotion and organization of cooperatives within the municipality with the assistance of other established cooperatives, such as federations and unions;
      2.     Assist the cooperative Development Authority’s ( CDA) Cooperative Development Specialist in the evaluation of any proposed cooperative’s economic survey and requirements for registration and recommend its registration or non-registration;
      3.     Assist in the following regulatory powers of the CDA:
        1.     Collection of annual reports and audited financial statements of cooperatives;
        2.     Mediation and conciliation of disputes between members of a cooperative operating within the municipality;
        3.     Conduct preliminary investigation for any violation of any provision of the Cooperative Code and its Implementing Rules and Regulations and recommend termination of its operation and cancellation of the certificate of registration; and
        4.     Monitor the compliance of cooperatives with the rules, regulations and other issuances of the CDA including those reached through mediation and conciliation conferences and as a result of decisions of the CDA.

    8.      Initiate and implement a program for cooperative promotion and development in line with the municipal development plan on cooperatives;
    9.      IProvide such information as required by the CDA as part of the research projects undertaken by the CDA.


    1.     MIO
    2.     RADIO GROUP

  15.       CIVIL REGISTRY

  16. The Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar is the Local Government Unit’s arm in providing its constituents with efficient service with regards to birth, death and marriage registration. They also help with the registration of legal instruments, court decrees and others that are affecting the status of a person or individual.

    Aside from the above-mentioned, there are also numerous services being rendered by this office and they are as follows:

    1.     Acceptance of request for correction of clerical errors in the Civil Registry Documents and change of a person/individual’s first name.
    2.     Registration of affidavit using the surname of the father, for those whose birth was registered under the Family code (03 August 1988 to 30 June 2004)
    3.     Issuance of the Civil Registry Codes upon request of the immediate family.
    4.     Acceptance of application for Marriage License and issuance of license after 10 days of posting.
    5.     Acceptance of request for NSO copy of civil registry documents thru BREQS (Batch Request Entry System).
    6.     Acceptance of application “out-of-town” registration of birth for current residents of General Trias but who were born in other municipalities. Preparation of the needed documents will be done by the MCR and then mailed to the place of birth.
    7.     Acceptance of “Migrant Petition” (R.A. 9048) for correction of clerical errors in the civil registry documents and change of first name for current residents of General Trias but whose documents were registered in other municipalities.
    8.     Clarification of issues about civil registration.


    1.     HRMO

      Human Resource Management Office
    2. Functions:

      1.     Assume responsibility for the development of a comprehensive and balance personnel programs designed to promote morale, integrity,efficiency,responsiveness,progressiveness courtesy in the implementation of government-wide personnel managemet programs in the municipality and effectively carries out the common system with the Civil Service Commission.
      2.     Shall be responsible for the personnel management ad maintenance and effective liason with Civil Service Commission
      3.     Recruitment and Selection

        Performace Appraisal

        Merit Promotion

        Leave Administration

        Retirement and other Personnel Services


      To exercise such powers ad perform such other duties ad functions as maybe prescribe by law and ordinance.

    3.     PESO

      The Public Employment Service Office or PESO is a non-fee charging multi-employment service facility or entity established or accredited pursuant to Republic Act No. 8759 otherwise known as the PESO Act of 1999.

      It is their duty to carry out full employment and equality of employment opportunities for all, and for this purpose, to strengthen and expand the existing employment facilitation service machinery of the government particularly at the local levels in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)


    4. General Objective:

      •     Ensure the prompt, timely and efficient delivery of employment service and provision of information on the other DOLE programs.

      Specific Objective:

      •     Provide a venue where people could explore simultaneously various employment options and actually seek assistance they prefer;
      •     Serve as referral and information center for the various services and programs of DOLE and other government agencies present in the area;
      •     Provide clients with adequate information on employment and labor market situation in the area; and
      •     Network with other PESOs within the region on employment for job exchange purposes.


      1.     Encourage employers to submit to the PESO on a regular basis a list of job vacancies in their respective establishments in order to facilitate the exchange of labor market information services to job seekers and employers by providing employment services to job seeker, both for local and overseas employment, and recruitment assistance to employers;
      2.     Develop and administer testing and evaluation instruments for effective job selection, training and counseling;
      3.     Provide persons with entrepreneurship qualities access to the various livelihood and self-employment programs offered by both government and non-governmental organizations at the provincial/city/municipal/barangay levels by undertaking referrals for such programs;
      4.     Undertake employability enhancement trainings/seminar for jobseekers as well as those who would like to change career or enhance their employability. This function is presently supervised by TESDA and conducted by other training;
      5.     Provide employment and occupational counseling, career guidance, mass motivation and values development activities;
      6.     Conduct pre-employment counseling and orientation to prospective local and overseas workers;
      7.     Provide reintegration assistance services to returning Filipino migrant workers: and
      8.     Perform such functions as willfully carry out the objectives of this Act.


      1.     Jobs Fairs – these shall be conducted periodically all over the country to bring together in one venue job seekers and employers for immediate matching;
      2.     Livelihood and Self-employment Bazaars – these will give clients information on the array of livelihood programs they choose to avail of, particularly in the rural areas;
      3.     Special Credit Assistance for Placed Overseas Workers – this type of assistance will enable poor but qualified applicants to avail of opportunities for overseas employment;
      4.     Special Program for Employment of Students and Out-of-School Youth (SPESOS) – this program shall endeavor to provide employment to deserving students and out-of-school youths and out-of-school youths coming from poor families during summer and/or Christmas vacations as provided for under Republic Act No. 7323 and its implementing rules, to enable them to pursue their education;
      5.     Work Appreciation Program (WAP) – this program aims to develop the values of work appreciation and ethics by exposing the young to actual work situations;
      6.     Workers Hiring for Infrastructure Projects (WHIP) – this program is in pursuance of Republic Act No. 6685 which requires construction companies, including the Department of Public Works and Highways and contractor for government-funded infrastructure projects, to hire thirty percent (30%) of skilled and fifty percent (50%) of unskilled labor requirements from the areas where the project is constructed/located; and
      7.     Other programs/activities developed by DOLE to enhance provision of employment assistance to PESO clients, particularly for special groups of disadvantaged workers such as persons with disabilities (PWDs) and displaced workers.


  19. The Municipal Agriculture office is manded by law to facilitate the implementation of DA’s banner Programs to attain food self-sufficincy and improve the living condition of the populace. Services offered are as follows:

    1.     Enhance Food Production
      1.       Agri Pinoy Rice Program
        1.       50-50% Procurement and Distribution Scheme of Certified Palay
        2.       Plant Now Pay Later Program
      2.       High Value Commercial Development
        1.       Provision of high yielding varieties of vegetables and plannning materials
        2.       Campaign Urban Agriculture
      3.       Agri Pinoy Fisheries Development
        1.       Provisions of tilapia Fingerlings/ Ulang Fry
      4.       Agri Pinoy Livestock Development Program
        1.       Livestock Dispersal
        2.       Animal Health care and Management
        3.       Upgrading of Livestock

    2.     Provision of technical assistance for increase production
    3.     Conduct training for farmers, Rural Improvement Clubs and 4-H Club
    4.     Research and Development
    5.     Assistance to organizational set-up (Coopearative/PO’s/RIC’/4-H Club)
    6.     Product Development and Marketing assistance
    7.     Post Harvest Facilities (facilitate the availment of FMR, Mechanical,Dryer,MPDP,Corn sheller, hand tractor and others)
    8.     Regulatory Support Services
      Regulation of the spread of communicable diseases thru regular monitoring and on time treatment in case of occurence.

  21. Work program of Admin office

    Municipal Admiministration Office

    Work program of Admin office

    •       Plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate administrative service functions in the different department/office
    •       Formulate and implement administrative policies
    •       Formulate, plan, direct, supervise and implement projects in coordination with the different department/office.
    •       Any duties and responsibilities that maybe assigned by the Municipal Mayor

    Actual Duties of Admin office

    1.       Special Administrative Concerns Section

    2. It is the section of the office which performs and handles special administrative concerns and functions. Duties and responsibilities of this section are the ff:

      •       Plan, direct, supervise and coordinate administrative service functions and projects
      •       Formulate and implements administrative policies
      •       Draft memos/letters to various departments/offices
      •       Submit reports on various concerns
      •       Do secretarial work for the Administrator
      •       Keep and monitor distribution of office supplies
      •       Assist the Administrator in some official activities and projects upon his request
      •       Do other related work

    3.       Clearance Section

    4. It is the section of the office in-charge of issuance of clearances, permits, recommendations, endorsement letters and affidavits. Duties and responsibilities of this section are the ff:

      •       Check the requirements needed for issuance of clearances, permits, etc.
      •       Expedite and Process the application of all documents needed by the clients
      •       Do other related work

    5.       Marriage Assistance Section

    6. It is the section of the office that assists the Mayor in solemnizing the Marriage. Duties and responsibilities of this section are the ff:

      •       Receive and Check application form of couples applying for Marriage
      •       Check and Scrutinize all necessary documents needed
      •       Prepare, Process and Schedule the date of Marriage
      •       Inform and Assist the Mayor during Ceremony
      •       Assist the Groom, Bride and Sponsors during Ceremony
      •       Release the Marriage Contract
      •       Keep, Log and File important documents used after the Marriage
      •       Do other related work

    7.       Client Assistance Section

    8. It is the section of the office that gives assistance to clients. Duties and responsibilities of this section are the ff:

      •       Assist clients in the signing of Business Permit and Operational Permit, DTRs, Documents issued by the Clearance Section, Reproduction Request Form, Pass Slips, Travel Orders, etc.
      •       Give information to clients and answer customer’s queries
      •       Assist the clients in filling up Client Actions Sheets to be used by the Administrator in providing clients with the proper action needed on the client’s concerns
      •       Reproduce important documents needed by the clients
      •       Do other duties assigned by the Administrator

    9.       Support Section

    10. It is the section of the office that assists/helps the standing sections of the office whenever needed especially in times of too much workload of the office.

      •       Inspect & Monitor the Municipal Buildings.
      •       Assist the Administrator in other official activities if so required.
      •       Assist the employees & Administrator in the signing of DTR
      •       In-charge for the distribution of Memo’s & other officials letter/documents.
      •       In-charge in the cleanliness of Admin Office.
      •       Assist visitors of Administrator & other guest.
      •       Do other related works.

  22.       LEGAL SERVICES

    1.     PAO
    2.     MTC

  23.       LEGISLATIVE

      1.     Keep files and records of all the legislative documents of the office
      2.     Constantly update computerization of all legislative agenda, resolutions and ordinances.
      3.     Forward to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, as the case be, for approval, copies of ordinances enacted by the Sangguniang Bayan and duly certified by the presiding officer.
      4.     Furnish, upon request of any interested pary,certified copies of records of public documents in the custody of the office, upon payment to the treasurer of such fees as prescribed by ordinance.
      5.     Grant and renew tricycle franchises and issue Motorized Operator’s Permit (MTOP).
      6.     Record in a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances and resolutions enacted or adopted by the Sanggunian.


  26. Office of the Mayor

    1.       Exercise general supervision over the local government and barangays and the laws and ordinance are faithfully executed.
    2.       Make known to all barangays by proclamation or communication all general laws and orders especially those that concern them.
    3.       Make a Periodic visit among barangays from time to time and conduct meetings.


    1.       To provide executive leadership, direction , guidance and coordination to the municipal government.
    2.       To execute municipal, provincial and national policies and program.
    3.       To serve as coordinating and representational link between municipal and private agencies and other sector of the government.